Your CNVRT team consists of the building products industry’s most experienced senior level subject matter experts in P&L management, marketing, sales, and channel knowledge. CNVRT aligns the right team for the right client initiative, applying a combination of senior level advisement, subject matter expertise, and project management to meet or exceed client objectives.



Business Advisor

As one of the most knowledgeable and recognized leaders in the building products industry, Kevin has spent his entire professional career working both for and with building product manufacturers. Kevin began his career as a regional manager for a mid-sized building product manufacturer, then escalated to the C-suite level where he led building product companies domestically and globally, with a specific emphasis on P&L management, return on investment modeling, business development, and sales and marketing initiatives.



Private Equity &
Governments Consultant

Tim brings to CNVRT an expansive skill set that helps our clients generate new revenue streams and leads M&A efforts for our clients. In the public sector, Tim helps clients enter and then succeed in government markets, while in the private sector he works with private equity firms to enhance the value of their portfolios.

Previously, Tim held executive positions with a Fortune 50 firm and consistently grew its largest client through two major contract negotiations. He also launched the firm’s expansion into the government and defense markets. Tim developed and executed multi-pronged domestic and international growth strategies that increased government sector revenues from $40 million to more than $700 million annually.

In addition to his revenue generation expertise, Tim has developed, led, and executed large-scale process improvements that have saved government and private sector clients tens of millions of dollars.



Executive Advisory Board Member

Andrew Clark is a member of the CNVRT Consulting Executive Advisory Board and serves as strategic counsel for the company. An accomplished executive and entrepreneur with 30 years of professional experience, Drew is currently chief operating officer for Medisolv, a software provider in the healthcare sector. He has a proven track record of performance as an investor, as a board member and as a C-suite executive for both publicly traded and privately held companies in technology, financial services, healthcare and other sectors.



Building Envelope Market Consultant

Jeff can absolutely help you grow your building business! A veteran marketing, sales and business development executive with a number of the leading building product manufacturers, Jeff is a subject matter expert in residential and non-residential building envelope products where he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to CNVRT clients who are strategically looking for ways to accelerate growth.



Interior Consultant

Ms. Hill knows interior design, and for our CNVRT clients she coaches them through concept to execution in a effective and efficient manor specific to their interior products. As full-scope, state registered interior designer, strategist, and product designer, Ms.Hill creatives solutions for CNVRT clients specializing in product positioning, product design, educational outreach programs, and sales training consults for the building industry. Teaming with “boutique-to-blue chip” product manufacturers, Ms. Hill serves as a needed bridge between product manufacturers and A+D specifiers.



Sales Channel Consultant

Casey brings to CNVRT clients his vast sales knowledge specific to building product manufactures and their engagements with architects, specifiers, building owners, channel partners and the rest of the BPM community. Casey’s is an exceptionally accomplished building envelope subject matter expert. He is a past National President of CSI, served top BPM’s as a delegate with Design Futures Council, avid keynote speaker within the architectural and specification community, possess a degree in Construction Technology and has spent nearly 35-years leading demand creation, sales training and sales efforts for a number of the top 100 building product manufacturers.




Vince leads a team of exceptionally accomplished subject matter experts, all razor focused on achieving the goals of their building product clients.  With moreover than 25 years of experience of driving transformational growth for Fortune 50 companies and small businesses, Vince supports an innovative team to use metric-based modeling to accomplish client objectives.



Building Materials Market Consultant

Paul brings to CNVRT building product clients over 30 years of experience working for building product manufacturers and has a specific focus on rainscreen systems, insulated metal panels, and pre-engineered buildings. He has walked the talk!

Paul possesses rich industry experience and a robust background focused on the product life cycle, project pursuit planning, and building materials sales and marketing from both front-line execution to executive-level leadership positions. For CNVRT, Paul leads client execution efforts with product strategy, corporate marketing, and sales and channel alignment with a specific emphasis on sales strategy, CRM development and oversight, sales training, channel alignment, and technical support.



Building Materials Growth Strategist

Tysen Gannon is a revenue growth expert specializing in strategy development and execution for the building materials industry.  

A 17-year veteran in the building materials manufacturing sector, Tysen brings a deep expertise to CNVRT clients that is focused specifically on revenue growth, new product introduction, and product innovations.  Tysen has extensive experience training and mentoring building materials manufacturing sales teams and distribution and channel partners.

Fluent in Spanish and French, Tysen earned her bachelor’s degree at Princeton University, a master's degree in business from Seattle University, and is an LEED AP. Tysen brings a passion to design and construction, gaining perspective and expertise by hands-on interaction with architects, designers, facility managers, subcontractors, and installers

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