Strategic Alliances

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Strategic Alliances:

At BLD Marketing, our digital-first approach to building a thriving digital marketing ecosystem, along with our exclusive focus on the building and construction category, provides us opportunities to identify and develop strong alliances with strategic partners who complement our offerings.

We regularly identify and develop these relationships based on how we can increase value to our clients by providing subject matter expertise to solve specific marketing challenges. Our strategic alliances consist of leading brands both within the building industry, as well as with companies who provide unique marketing capabilities and solutions – all to help our clients’ brands fully flourish.

BLD Marketing is an authorized reseller of UpContent. An aggregator of timely, relevant content generated by third-party sources across the web, UpContent’s syndicated content service enables building materials brands to curate articles and present that content to their audiences in a simple, easy-to-read card layout on their own website. BLD’s agency team works closely with clients to incorporate UpContent into a broader content marketing strategy, all designed to drive greater engagement levels and position clients as thought leaders in their industries.

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