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Solutions are our speciality

When you hire BLD, you leverage decades of experience in the building materials industry. We develop and implement solutions perfectly tailored to your company within the context of today’s evolving market. Whether you have a single defined project you would like us to tackle, or you’re looking for your next long-term marketing partner, we’re ready to get started.

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Is your media being optimized?

"We’re spending the same on media as we always have, but we’re not getting the same results."

Are you getting the biggest bang for your media dollar? Media options for the building product space have become increasingly fragmented. Manufacturers can no longer rely on just one or two industry publications to effectively reach and influence their target audiences. At BLD, we employ a test-and-learn approach to media by offering a well-thought, strategic media mix consisting of both established and emerging media choices, then thorough measurement and optimization of performance along the way. Our idea of optimization is two-fold – we monitor, evaluate, and adjust all media performance as it’s happening; and we evaluate spend allocation based on where in the customer journey funnel the investment is needed most.

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Do customers know and choose your brand?

"We have a low market share. People just don’t know us."

BLD works with many start-up and challenger building product manufacturers to deliver targeted and impactful brand awareness. Our strategic marketing approach prioritizes your best target audiences with a nimble, go-to-market strategy, leveraging your unique and most relevant differentiators, so that once your brand is recognized, customers quickly begin engaging.

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Are your decisions based on actionable research?

"In the past, I’ve gone with my gut. Now my gut doesn’t seem to be getting it right."

Today, access to data analytics is at our fingertips. At BLD, we take a nimble approach to research, employing quick analysis of available data – Google Analytics, past performance, industry trends – to uncover and apply immediate insights. And we use more formal, in-depth market research, like qualitative stakeholder interviews and substantive quantitative studies to validate and learn more from our initial findings.

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Is your marketing strategy built for today and tomorrow?

"What we used to do isn’t working anymore."

To quote Wayne Gretzky, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Marketing strategy should work the same way – with a vision for what’s next.BLD has been developing marketing strategy for building product manufacturers for decades. We utilize a unique, results-oriented approach, which can be flexibly applied to both micro and macro objectives with equal effectiveness. This includes everything from new product introductions to comprehensive, enterprise-wide growth initiatives. Our approach builds a strong foundation to answer current challenges, while constructing a vision horizon to address what’s next.

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Is your digital ecosystem thriving?

"With so many digital marketing options and tools, I don’t even know where to begin."

An effective marketing effort for today’s building product manufacturer is dependent on a well-defined and interconnected digital ecosystem. It begins with a world-class building materials marketing website with a great CX/UX as the central hub. But there are many other elements of the digital ecosystem, such as your email marketing, social media, SEO, SEM, and digital media that, when all are strategically deployed in the most optimized manner, can be transformational for your brand.

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Are you generating qualified leads?

"We get good web traffic but it doesn’t translate into sales."

Many marketing firms can deliver ad impressions. But that’s not good enough. At BLD, our goal is to deliver Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). Our deep knowledge of the building products category allows us to create better target audience profiles upfront, which means our clients get stronger MQLs faster. And our marketing automation strategies connect marketing with the sales process, leading to a higher conversion of MQLs into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) to give your sales force a clear and early advantage.

These are a sample of the problems for which our clients have engaged us. Give us a problem you’d like to solve and we’ll find a solution for you.

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Are you leveraging marketing and sales the best way?

"My sales force isn’t turning up as many prospects as they used to."

Fueled by growth in marketing technology, the roles of marketing and sales are experiencing a seismic shift. Marketing today is driving stronger Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), nurtured with effective CRM marketing automation, which evaluates the best prospects as Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) – all before a salesperson ever makes a call. This gives successful building product brands an early advantage for their sales team to begin the conversion efforts further down the sales funnel. At BLD, we have the expertise to connect marketing and sales to produce greater, more qualified leads and quicker conversion.

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Do you have a cohesive, indetifiable brand?

"I want our brand to stand apart from all our competitors."

A brand is a powerful asset when deployed properly. BLD has developed and built brands for some of the industry’s top building product manufacturers. We are especially good at identifying a manufacturer’s unique selling proposition(s) and creating a brand position and messaging strategy that truly reflects a brand’s unique personality. In the end, a strong brand tells a compelling story that gets noticed and remains consistent over time.

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Are your social media engagements meaningful and impactful?

"We have followers, and we post once in a while."

Now more than ever, you are missing out on vital conversations and ways to build your brand if you’re not engaging consistently and smartly on social media. It’s a must-have as part of an integrated marketing program.

Just like constructing a building, you must start by putting a strong, durable foundation in place, one that is reflective of your company voice. Our team helps you find that voice. Then, we activate a plan that puts structure to your outreach. Soon, you have a community that is interested in what you have to say.

The results: greater brand awareness and affinity, and stronger connections with important audiences.

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Are your analytics prioritizing the right performance metrics?

"There are so many metrics from so many sources. How can we track what’s working best?"

At BLD, we analyze all marketing activity to determine what investments are working hardest to meet and exceed our clients’ marketing and business objectives. There are many data points to consider and it can be overwhelming. The most meaningful metrics are those which give us a clear path from qualified lead to sale and ROI. Performance dashboards, regular reporting, and analysis are fundamental offerings that BLD provides to help our clients measure where their marketing investment is making the greatest impact.

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Is your content educationg customers about your offerings?

"If the market truly understood our product and its unique value, they’d buy it every time."

Your customers may have heard of your brand and, perhaps, already have a perception in their mind on what you offer and how your products perform. But is it accurate? The best way to educate a prospect about your brand is to provide a strong content marketing strategy. BLD has an experienced content marketing team who has developed content in many forms – from highly technical to educational – and for numerous channels and purposes – media relations, social media, professional continuing education, email marketing, and thought leadership.

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