CNVRT delivers an integrated mix of solutions for building product manufacturers selling within the home, commercial, and government market segments. CNVRT’s solutions are provided to investor, C-suite, sales, marketing, and channel partners.

CNVRT utilizes a team of highly-skilled building product professionals and subject matter experts with validated experience managing and directing building product companies, sales teams, marketing teams, and channel partners at executive and senior levels. This experience includes management of fully-integrated sales, marketing, and channel partner execution plans with a specific focus on interconnectivity amongst each to best meet and exceed company objectives, streamline management of the company’s P&L, and generate revenue.


CNVRT provides solutions for Private Equity, Holding Companies, Investor, and Venture Capitalist companies that have investments in building product manufacturers. Solutions are centered around maximizing company valuation, delivering measurable results specific to enhancing cash flow and brand equity.

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CNVRT Board of Director and CEO solutions are focused on support for building product manufacturer leadership teams at the ownership, board, and/or CEO levels. Services are specifically tailored to senior leadership with an emphasis on the development of evaluations, company-wide gap assessments and analysis linked to improvements. These services seamlessly connect with effective and measurable execution strategies and validation thereof.

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CNVRT sales for building product manufacturers are focused on support at the sales leadership and management levels. Solutions are tailored to sales, with an emphasis on the development of evaluations, assessments, and analyses focused on ensuring sales execution is realistically aligned with corporate strategies and objectives.

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CNVRT Marketing Leadership solutions for building product manufacturers are focused on support at the senior management and management levels. Services are centered on development of evaluations, assessments, and analyses focused on ensuring marketing strategies are seamlessly aligned with realistic sales and channel partner objectives, in addition to overall corporate objectives.

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Channel Partner solutions for building product manufacturers are centered on creating the right level of interconnectivity between the manufacturer and channel partners, eliminating gaps that limit full effectiveness in the delivery of the manufacturer’s products to market, ensuring value for all partners.

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CNVRT solutions aligned to support sales teams and channel partners can also be provided in close coordination with a company's marketing agency. Interconnectivity between a building product manufacturer's marketing and sales teams is essential to success, maximizing achievement of corporate objectives, and to effectively measure return on investment.

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CNVRT’s team of highly-qualified sales and marketing professionals can help building product manufacturers align their digital ecosystem in a manner that will allow them to assess, analyze, and measure their marketing and sales investments.

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