CNVRT was created by a group of forward-thinking building industry leaders passionate about improving the effectiveness and performance of building product manufacturers in the delivery of products to market through sales and/or distribution channels in the home and commercial market segments.

CNVRT’s passion is driven by removing historical gaps that exist between marketing and sales/channel teams, fostering strong interconnectivity and collaboration between the two, and thereby increasing effectiveness and timing in the achievement of corporate growth objectives and revenue generation.

CNVRT works with our clients to align corporate leadership with company marketing, sales, and/or channel teams in a unified, collaborative, and productive manner, utilizing the latest strategic tools, methodologies, training, and practices. This allows us to leverage analytics, metrics, data, and primary roles in a manner that aligns succinctly with your prospects, your clients, and/or your distributors' needs and purchasing behavior.

Mission Statement

CNVRT is committed to transforming the building products industry using the latest industry-best methodologies, tools, and practices focused on creating seamless, effective, and executable interconnectivity between corporate objectives and marketing, sales, and channel execution for manufacturers of building products.

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