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To serve our clients’ building materials marketing needs, BLD employs a diverse mix of highly experienced, energetic, and talented professionals possessing a wide range of specializations including marketing, public relations, content development, advertising, writing, graphic design, digital marketing, and social media– all with a focus on building, growing and optimizing the performance of a client’s digital marketing ecosystem.

Smart, nimble, curious, collaborative, spirited, driven, efficient, effective. These words describe BLD culture, our people, processes, and product. Daily, BLD are challenged to help solve our clients’ biggest challenges and find ways to grow our clients’ businesses. Our work is often challenging, but always fulfilling.


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All BLD clients are in the building materials category. Some serve commercial construction exclusively. Others residential only. Many serve both. Some have direct distribution. Others multi-step. Some manufacture glamorous architectural systems. Others, manufacture products that are never seen by an owner. Some are massive publicly traded companies. Others are small and family owned. All have a desire to work smarter, market smarter, sell smarter, lead, grow, and profit.

BLD serves clients across North America and abroad. We are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

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